Full Mouth Reconstruction or Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Reconstruction

As years go by, and age advances the natural tooth also wears and grind. The worn-off teeth increase the work of the jaw bone, muscles and the joints of the jaw. It causes the tooth to lose its support & move or may cause pain and difficulty in chewing and may even cause permanent joint problems.

This procedure is almost painless and is completed in a short span of time. After fillings or tooth prosthesis it is even more important to get occlusal rehabilitation as the new material wears off in a different way than the natural tooth.

Occlusal rehabilitation is a radical procedure and should be carried out in accordance with the dentist’s choice of treatment based on his knowledge of various philosophies followed and clinical skills. A comprehensive study and practical approach must be directed towards reconstruction, restoration and maintenance of the health of the entire oral mechanism.


While planning such cases numerous factors are taken into considerations such as their existing medical conditions, oral health, course of treatment time and budget constraints if any for deciding the most practical treatment plan for a particular case.

We at Ur’s Toothfully are highly trained from reputed institutions to exclusively and precisely perform such complex procedures.


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