How would you like to get a crown for your front tooth in only one first appointment?

How about getting a complete set of porcelain veneers in only four hours?

It can be done this fast with BCEREC porcelain veneer technology.

CEREC® is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics. Translated, it means that a dentist can economically restore damaged teeth in a single appointment using a high-quality ceramic material that matches the natural colour of other teeth.

Yes, Ur’s Toothfully, has an ultramodern system CEREC for designing and manufacturing crowns with full precision correct fit, and perfect bite all in one SINGLE VISIT and with a quality that lasts the lifetime.on.

♦ A crown can be custom-made and be ready within a single visit of approximately an hour.

♦ Eliminates Multiple trips to the dentist for permanent crown.

♦ Speeds up the treatment timeline.

♦ The dentist and not the lab technician has complete control over the end result

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