As years go by, and age advances the natural tooth also wears and grind. The worn-off teeth can cause the following:

Increase the work of the jaw bone, muscles and the joints

It causes the tooth to lose its support & move

 or may cause pain and difficulty in chewing and

 May even cause permanent joint problems.

We at Ur’s Toothfully are highly trained from reputed institutions to exclusively perform Full mouth rehabilitation procedure by harmonizing the oral anatomy of patients and solving their dental concerns.

Full mouth rehabilitation involves a series of treatments customized for the specific patient’s needs. Rehabilitation for one patient could mean installing dental implants in place of missing teeth and treating the patient for periodontitis. For another patient, it could be as simple as filling in a few cavities and undergoing a thorough teeth cleaning.No two full mouth rehabilitation can’t exactly be same.

A full mouth rehabilitation aims at rebuilding and restoring missing or lost teeth.It consists of various dentistry procedures that treat different dental health conditions. They include:

♦  Prosthodontics
♦  Orthodontics
♦  Deep cleaning
♦  Bone grafting
♦  Dental Extractions
♦  Root canal therapy

A typical smile makeover and mouth reconstruction combine different treatments. Full mouth reconstruction restores your oral function while smile makeover improves your smile. If you require complete restoration, it is advisable to visit a Prosthodontist.

The prime goal is a patient comfort during a procedure. Typically, patients do not experience pain during a complete mouth reconstruction treatment. The prosthodontist will numb the area being treated, so the procedure is painless for the patient.

If you are struggling with tooth decay, fractured teeth, missing teeth or ill fitting dentures, it is wise to consult your Prosthodontist at Ur’s Toothfully. Call us at +919903680623 for a full mouth reconstruction consultation.

♦  Relieving Tooth pain
♦  Filling in missing teeth
♦  Straightening teeth to maintain oral health
♦  Alleviating gum disease
♦  Resolving tooth decay
♦  Cleaning off built-up plaque
♦  Restoring self-confidence

If you’re worried about your oral health and think you may be a candidate for full mouth rehabilitation contact Ur’s Toothfully dental Clinic today and set up an consultation appointment with Dr. Chetna Tikmani,Prosthodontist

Full mouth reconstruction is suitable for people with diverse dental problems which need a detailed treatment plan to improve their aesthetics and function.

Often, they have broken teeth, missing teeth, ill-fitting dentures, and teeth are worn out due to teeth grinding. An individual born with Amelogenesis, Dentinogenesis and Ectodermal Dysplasia also require mouth restoration; it addressees bite, gums and temporomandibular joint-related issues. Generally, the entire reconstruction procedures take several months to achieve the desired results.

There are several factors such as the required dental materials, methods and sedation dentistry treatments that a prosthodontist offers influencing the cost of complete mouth restoration. When you visit a dentist, inform them about your dental goals and needs to get a cost estimate.