Simplify Implant Crown Delivery and Get Predictable Results

Many doctors are hesitant to transition to custom components, having spent years — even decades — utilizing stock abutments for implant cases.

Custom components begin guiding a case toward a predictable outcome from the very beginning, after an implant is placed. During the healing phase, the patient-specific contours of a custom abutment helps in sculpting the peri-implant tissue to accommodate the final restoration, setting up a smooth and atraumatic transition when the time comes to deliver the final custom abutment and crown.

Ur’s Toothfully provides Custom abutments that are precisely milled using CAD/CAM technology to facilitate a natural-looking emergence profile, optimize crown margins, and enable a smooth, efficient delivery appointment for cementable implant restorations.


  •  Situates margins at or just below gingival surface to   ease crown delivery and cement cleanup
  •  Creates a natural emergence profile and optimizes      soft-tissue contours
  •  Available in Titanium, , Zirconia with titanium         base,  and PEEK
  •  NEW milled grooves for improved crown retention


Custom Abutment vs. Stock Abutment

The tissue-level junction established by a custom abutment allows for easier cement removal than a stock abutment with shallow margins.