A Durable, Lifelike Alternative to the Acrylic Hybrid Denture.

Constructed from 100 percent solid zirconia, this implant prosthesis is a lifelike, more durable alternative to the screw-retained hybrid denture.It provides the same superior stability and function as the screw-retained hybrid denture, but with a monolithic construction that avoids the chips, stains and fractures ,that can compromise acrylic appliances. With superior fracture toughness and an average flexural strength of 1,150 MPa, Solid Zirconia is the ideal material for withstanding the functional stresses that full-arch restorations must endure. And yet, the material is gentle to opposing dentition and hypoallergenic.

  •  Constructed from 100% monolithic zirconia.
  •  Maximum resistance to chips, stains and fractures.
  •  Includes provisional implant prosthesis.
  •  Hypoallergenic, wear compatible with enamel.

Our Step by Step protocol streamlines the restorative process.Our five-appointment protocol, supported by instructional guides, and technical support staff, minimizes the likelihood of wax reset appointments and ensures a predictable outcome. A provisional implant prosthesis is included to ensure that the patient and doctor are satisfied with the prosthetic design before the final restoration is milled from monolithic zirconia. The result is a highly accurate, exceptionally strong, lifelike restoration.