When the Clinician is performing dental implant procedures, he might wonder whether he should be using cemented or screw-retained implant crowns.

Both Screw and Cement retained fixed dental restorations have their advantages and limitations.The degree of misfit between a prosthesis and its supporting implants is a major concern in screw-retained prostheses because it can lead to screw loosening or mechanical failure of implant components. On the other hand, the difficulty of removing subgingival excess cement and the irretrievability of the superstructure are major drawbacks to cement-retained prostheses.

Ur’s Toothfully brings a newly designed screw- and cement-retained prosthesis (SCRP) that may solve these problems with its passivity, retrievability, and ease in the complete removal of excess cement, giving it the advantages of both screw-retained and cement-retained prostheses. This prosthetic system is mainly composed of a cement-retained framework with screw holes on the occlusal surface and specially designed cementable abutments for multiunit prostheses.