Don’t Let Success Come As a Surprise

The Ur’s Toothfully Digital Treatment Planning team takes pride in producing surgical guides that help dentists maintain a restorative-driven approach throughout treatment.

  • Place implants with maximum precision, safety and predictability.
  • Our dental lab expertise ensures restorative-driven implant positioning and a functional, esthetic outcome
  •  Complete data conversion without extra fees
  • Attain the best imaginable result with as little discomfort for the patient as possible

As patient demand for dental implant treatment continues to grow, more clinicians are being presented with the opportunity to perform implant services in their own practices. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just getting started with implant placement, there are many benefits to a guided surgical approach, including the highest degree of precision, safety and predictability.

Ur’s Toothfully is pleased to offer digital treatment planning and surgical guide fabrication services. Our Digital Treatment Planning (DTP) team is well-equipped to help you maximize productivity and profitability on your implant cases. You can efficiently submit cases, have the optimal positioning of your implant digitally determined, receive your surgical plan and guide, and place your implant in the exact location needed for a predictable, esthetic restorative outcome — whether you’re taking a digital or physical impression.