An Implant Screw Retained Hybrid Prosthesis is a combination of Acrylic resin teeth with Titanium or Chrome –cobalt Framework. This hybrid denture might be a solution in extreme cases requiring esthetics, function, lip support, and speech. It can only be removed by the clinician.

The frames can be manufactured to most implant systems on the market today. With high accuracy and superb fit, these restorations are a very affordable option for the patient and give them the esthetics and comfort of their own dentition.

Screw-Retained Hybrid Dentures are proven replacements for removable prostheses worn by edentulous patients. A verification jig is made from an implant level impression and its fit is verified in the mouth. The jig is then sent to the manufacturing laboratory for the further procedure. With the help of jig and teeth set trial a one piece framework is finalized followed by the re-teeth setting trial . The hybrid denture is then acrylised and is ready to be inserted in the patients mouth.

Hybrid prosthesis have a great number of advantages including

  • Improved Retention and Stability in comparison to removable dentures
  • Reducing the impact force of dynamic occlusal loads,
  • Being less expensive to fabricate and highly esthetic restorations.)
  • They may be successfully used by a combination of tilted and axially placed implants in partial edentulism in the posterior part of resorbed maxillae.